Together We Rise: Gunjan Sethi’s Piece

Good morning ladies and gents this morning instead of posting one of our works, I will instead promote one of the wonderful poetics who I have had the pleasure of speaking to lately.
Her name is Gunjan Sethi, and she is a creative writer who publishes her own poetry, travel scrapbooks, prose, and more over at her blog

Today We Will Look at one of her older posts:

Poems of Love: Silent Lover

1 You would never say you love me,
2 Because it’ll make you love me less?
3 The way you look into my eyes, I know there’s something more you want.
4 You want to be held and loved, like a little baby.
5 You would never say you miss me,
6 But I know how your passion holds me when you do
7 The sparkle in your eyes tells me you want to feel me.
8 But you would never tell me that you want to.

9 When you lie next to me, run your fingers through my back
10 When you lie with your head on my lap;
11 Tell me to play your hair,
12 When you pull me closer every time we kiss,
13 And when you hold me tight, I know it’s forever
14 You don’t have to say a single word baby.
15 I know you’re my silent lover.

— Gunjan Sethi


Just the concept of a silent lover seems to one of contradiction; I mean just imagine trying to hold a relationship or conversation with someone who never speaks. This theme of silence seems to parallel the natural avoidance of displaying vulnerability that protects us from anyone that gets too close to our heart, but instead of the silence becoming eventually broken, Mrs. Sethi chose it to represent a childlike love; “The way you look into my eyes, I know there’s something more you want. You want to be held and loved, like a little baby.” The silent lover also runs counter to loud loving shown in many rom-com movies like The Proposal(2009), or Hitch(2005); where the protagonist seeks to prove their love through over-the-top antics, displays of affection, or showing the recipient their desire to be together with them. Perhaps when everyone inside a relationship can just focus on the feelings involved instead of all of the messy ways it can be conveyed, they understand more of the naked intent, instead of the more showy Ironically, the silent lover is probably the more effective one, considering we communicate more through body language than verbally, so maybe we should all observe any tiny details hinted with everything they do, so our love becomes a bit more transparent between me and you. Thanks Gunjan Sethi for the inspiration and once again, check her out at:

Thanks For Reading our works with this latest series Together We Rise, and look forward for more content like this soon

Have a nice day/morning/night


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